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Batteries for experiment

(simoitblu) #1

Hi everybody,
is it possible to use 12V car battery or 12V motorcycle batteries to supply the voltage to T200 motors on BESC30 by using on ESC a parallel wiring schema on positive and negative wire connection?

I the manual the ESC has a range from from 6V to 16.8 V for LiPo batteries…
The T200 operating voltage starts from 6v to 20V with maximum current consumption of 20A, it means I could use a car 12V battery with 60A capacity taking in consideration 18A more or less each T200 motor…is it correct?

Thanks 2 everybody

(Jacob) #2

Hi @simoitblu,

That should work just fine, as long as the car battery voltage is within the specified range for the ESCs.