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How/would this work Brooklyn TK122 with single T200 on transom

I am interested in this TK122 kayak. I noticed that the TK122 has 2 5mm brass inserts on the transom which I confirmed with manufacturer is designed for a motor or a rudder.

I am wondering if I could simply put a sturdy L bracket screwed into the inserts, perhaps with some reinforcement (turn the L into a triangle) with the T200 mounted to the bracket. Would this be enough to get me going, obviously without directional control. The L bracket could have multiple holes for manual depth adjustment.

Just looking for something very simple and easy to get me going… mods can come later!

Link to kayak:

Pic of inserts on the transom:


Here is another picture of the transom. There brass holes are below the overhang. (Sorry it is an ad, I took a screenshot of the ad - their website doesn’t show the boat from this angle).

The boat has a pretty flat bottom - about how fast will a single t200 go on 12 volts? 2mph?