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How to receive pwm value?

I’m developping a DIY USV now and I use BlueRobotics thruster(T100) for the robot.
I carried out the USV auto movement experimet on water.
But the USV moved to the wrong direction.
Position and attitude of the robot estimation was accurate (confirmed on QGroundControl).
Therefore, I want to check thrusters pwm value when the USV is armed.
However, I could not find the way to check the pwm value.

If you know, could you tell me the way to confirm thrusters pwm value.

  • Controler: Navio2
  • GCS: QGroundControl
  • Code: Python3.7

What do you mean buy value of the PWM?

The thruster is operated by change of PWM frequency (1,100Hz~1,900Hz).
I want to know the value of PWM frequency and find out how do thrusters perform when the mode is AUTO.

The PWM works with a fixed frequency but changing the duty cycle such the the HIGH logic level lasts between 1100 and 1900 microseconds.

@ishi_g You should be able to find a parameter to reverse the motor direction if running Ardupilot.

Thanks for your advice !
I’ll try it !

To answer the original question, look at the top of QGC, select Widgets>mavlink inspector>SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW


Wow ! It looks like useful tool.
But, can we obtain SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW data by python code ?


OK. I got it .
Thank you so match :slight_smile:

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