How to get video live feed Gopro Hero 11 Black to Raspberry pi 3 model B and BlueOs via Wifi?

I’ve been trying to connect gopro hero 11 black to raspberry pi 3 via WiFi for streaming purpose.

Hi Bharath!
That goal is a lot more challenging than it should be! The GoPro only has an HDMI output. While you can stream the video and trigger recording with Android/iOS apps, they don’t provide any way to do it from any other computer OS - Mac, Windows, or Linux!
IP cameras are the usual alternative…

maybe this could be useful?

I have no idea if the stream is a format we can use, but maybe…

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Wow that’s a pretty cool find! Worth noting that if it works on the bench, it may not work in the water, as the WiFi connetion from GoPro (external) won’t penetrate the water to reach the RaspberryPi. Maybe if the enclosures were up against each other, or the GoPro in the same housing? Otherwise 2.4ghz doesn’t travel more than 1-2cm in water…

Can’t we connect raspberry pi and gopro via usb??

Hi @Bharath -
That may be possible - it’s been many years since I’ve tried, and it seems more might be supported on newer units compared to the past. Checkout these links, your mileage may vary:

The tricky part with USB will be connecting the cable in a waterproof manner, at least if the camera is located external to a standard tubular enclosure.

Dmitriy Borovikov had a Sofar (OpenROV) Trident interface to a GoPro HERO 3/3+ for a Mac, iPhone and iPad.

OpenROV Trident interface to a GoPro HERO 3/3+

I had WiFi connection issues when the back of the GoPro HERO 3+ case pivoted further away from the top of the Trident hull. It connected when against the hull, but didn’t when 90 degrees, shooting forward.

I don’t know why Dmitriy had good forward looking GoPro video and I didn’t.

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