BROV2 RPi Video Capture Ideas?

I’m currently using Kazam (linux) to capture the video as a screencast which is great for recording video and telemetry but I’m wondering if anyone has a good method for capturing the direct video feed to file.

I’ve only been able to capture the stream by using ‘tee’ from the script that launches the video stream to save the stream to a file on the raspberry pi sd card.

It should be possible to save the feed directly to the gcs hard drive while using qgc with modifications to source. I don’t know enough about gstreamer to help there, though.


Thanks for the reply, Jacob. I figured it was possible - the tee sounds like a decent solution (especially if you can dump it to a USB drive) and ftp would be an easy way to grab it. I’d really like to come up with an onboard solution but I think for now I’ll be sticking to the GoPro - It’s more batteries to swap and charge but at the video quality is significantly better.