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HDMI to Raspberry Pi

I was wondering if anyone has experience with boards like the B101 from https://auvidea.com/? I would love to build a GoPro gimbal mount and use something like this to get a live feed. Alternatively are there other options that you have used to do this?

Hi Greg,

We’ve had one customer use the B101 before to get a GoPro live feed into the Raspberry Pi. It worked perfectly without any software updates required.


Hi Rusty

Do you know how much latency this setup gives?

// Johan

Hi Johan,

I’m not sure as we weren’t the ones to test it. However, I know that AUVIDEA product generally have very low latency. Assuming that it’s just a few milliseconds in their product, then the total latency should still be 150-250ms.



I just received the B101, it’s great.
There is only one problem :slight_smile:
How to turn on gopro when it is already closed in the housing?
I found the guide how to solder the power button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpPfk4sLb3I
Any better idea without “destroying” gopro?

Original camera vs gopro 4 silver

hi Dawid,
Have you noticed any quality difference between the gopro and rasbpi cameras when run through the raspberry pi?

In regards to control, if you dont want to use wifi (which of course wont work underwater) you can use a bullet controller from cam-do.com.