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How to disassemble the gripper

Where can I find a guideline to disassemble the gripper

There isn’t anything official on how to disassemble the gripper. What issue are you having or why do you desire to disassemble yours?

I have bought the gripper to, with the idea to re-use some parts of
the gripper in another project.
In addition, if you have a définition drawing it would be very nice.

The 2D drawings and 3D models can be found on the Technical Details tab of the product page.

We had to redact a lot of the internals because, unfortunately, some entities are making copies of our products. There should be enough of the external surfaces there for integration with your project, but not enough of the internals to make a copy.

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You seemed to have forgotten my initial question…

The disassembly of the gripper is not too difficult: the compartment closer to the fingers, you just unscrew it by hand. The compartment with the motor and ESC, you can just remove the four screws in the back where the connector is and use a small screwdriver to lift the plate – it might take some effort as it has the O-ring.

Thank you for your answer