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How much light is need for low-light usb camera

Hello, wondering how much light is needed to get good pictures from the low-light USB camera at a certain depth? 100-200 meters? :ocean:

You can do a lot with 2 or 4 BR standard Lumen lights
Specially if there is good visibility.
Look for examples on BR’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3XeiPLt1JTutx7nyYn2Tzg

@jorgenSeter I think it mostly depends on the visibility of the environment and ambient light. For me, The low resolution and overall lower quality of the image is the bigger issue.

I turn the lights off at roughly 11:16 in this video almost 200 feet deep at Lake Chelan which might give you an idea:

I would like to add here that if visibility is low due to turbidity, you may enhance it by augmenting it with our technology ALSvision. ALSvision is compatible with Blue Robotics camera.

Here is a demo video for you.