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How deep can you go?

(Etienne Demers) #1

Hi guys,

Going offshore with my BR2 next month and after the project, I will be testing the BR2 to 350m.

I am using fiber optic on a 450m 6mm cable so that is not an issue.

I have purchased the aluminium housings and 1000m depth sensor and will dive till it either reaches the seabed, takes in water or go boom.

What is the maximum you guys have tested it and any suggestions that would help in the success of this endeavor?


(Christian) #2

i will test mine one of the days, just need a chinafinger… my workdepth will be 150m… but i will push on to see i guess, keep you updated…had to abort last time at 50 bec of the dome.

(Etienne Demers) #3

Too bad you didn’t tell me before, I just ordered a couple. Shipping charges are crazy high.

(Christian) #4

aaa i just ordered one here in Norway just now…80$ …i thought about making a post but i didnt :confused: …how much are they?

(Etienne Demers) #5

depends on volume. I got 2 shainless steel double eye for that price

If the product is good I will store some.

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(Christian) #6

ok…nice to know :wink:

(Christian) #7

…i cant afford it but i cant wait either :wink:

(Etienne Demers) #8

I would like to buy enough volume so I can sell 2 for 50USD + shipping.

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(Christian) #9

Sounds like you have a coustoumer then later :wink:

(Marcus) #10

I think @nperry has taken his unit deep and has some great YouTube videos. His posts on here have some good info on setup too

(Christian) #11

http://www.certex.no/no/produkter/tilbehr-staltau-wire/froskekjeft-og-wirestrmper/wirestrmpe-enkel-med-2-yer__n57462#wirestrømpe …i get theese handmade in Norway for 50$ plus shipping. Its the same manufacturer that all the offshore industry in Norway is using, i found out after hours of tlf calls :wink: so if anyone is intereststed gve me a shout :wink:


I made a grip from 550 paracord, worked great so far and super cheap.
Also, our deepest dive so far has only been to 100m…we will be pushing that deeper soon.

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(Marcus) #13

We get these 4 leg kevlar grips made for our tow cameras. Suit cable to 10mm, but bigger sizes/6 legs can be done. Laced from about 1m from the vehicle, quick link in the eye, and secured about 1m up the cable by knotting and then sealed with self-vulcanising tape

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(Stephen) #14

We’ve customized a BlueROV2 that we’re about to send to 1000m in the Monterey Bay at the end of May. The main thing you need to worry about is the perpetrators. At 450 they should be ok, but at 1000m we found that they can only handle a limited number of cycles before failing. I know that BR is working on a permanent solution but if you don’t have the time and depending how much money you already have invested, you may want to consider the added cost of underwater connectors even though its expensive. If one perpetrator leaks then the whole systems floods.

(Stephen) #15

Also, you may need to change your buoyancy foam… Not sure of the depth rating of the stock one.

(Etienne Demers) #16

Hello Stephen,

Not too keen on adding other ROV connectors as they introduce fault in the system. This is 90% of the issues with ROVs offshore. Especially without a DC lims fault detector…

For what I need, I only want to rate my system to 400MSW. If the existing penetrators/epoxy can take that pressure then it is all good.

The work field I am trying to reach out here is about 320MSW. If I can get there and be able to manœuvre to some degree then I will be in a good position to get more work.

For buoyancy I am getting quotes to have custom made ones.

My main concerns are the domes, saw some failures on other posts, the thrusters especially the potted connections and of course the penetrators…

I am looking forward to hearing more about your deep dive.

Thanks for your input.


At my day job we use kevlar grips from Yale in 4 or 6 strands. I didnt want to spend that much though so I just made one from gutted 550 cord. Yale grips are much stronger, than the 550, but I think this 550 grip is probably stronger then the tether’s rated strength already, so not a big issue.

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(Etienne Demers) #18

Do you find that it rots with salt water over time?


We haven’t had it installed long enough to know that. But we do wash it after every dive. It is nylon so it shouldnt care about salt. Sunlight is the the real killer for nylon I think.
Kevlar ones would last for years even in salt water.

(Etienne Demers) #20

Working on ROVs I know that the kevlar in the tether used to rot and come appart by hand after a while if it was exposed…