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How deep can you go?

(undersearobotics.com) #21

Kevlar, unless coated, is not UV stable so will “rot” if exposed to sun light often.

(Christian) #22

50$ …best you can use :wink: 6-9mm

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(Christian) #23

700kg force, better to cut tether than jerk on the connector and flood the bottle.

(Etienne Demers) #24

Anyone has had any success installing the 4inch aluminum housing?

Doesn’t matter how hard we try we can’t get it past the first seal.

Also, I can’t get the 18 hole plate to hold a proper seal if my life depended on it…

I’ll have to revert to the 12 holes for the deep dive…

(Christian) #25

…mine is Tight, so vacuum and force and it pops in.

(Christian) #26

18 holes i wont try, i will plug the el bottle and make a small camerahousing and use the other end for Connectors too:) …its too tight allready to have a decent control over penetrators… but i feel im not able to feel properly the penetrators and it just full(and the penetrators needs to be gone over time to time:)

(Bo Koppel) #27

I use 4" Alu from BR 1:st production batch.
VERY tight to close, sometimes closing damage the outer O ring.
Otherwise it is good cooling and robust.


I’ve installed the 4" aluminum housing on a couple different systems and didn’t think it was too bad. Hold the tube at the dome end with one hand and with your other hand, put your fingers at opposite sides of the end plate and try to rock it as you push. I also lubed the sealing area on the inside of the aluminum tube, but as thin as possible. And of course don’t forget to leave the plug out. Could also be that there’s an issue with the tube. I’ve seen 3" and 4" aluminum tubes with very different lead-ins and one end with no lead in at all.

(Jacob) #29

@etienne please contact support@bluerobotics.com if there is an issue.

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