Homeplug ethernet switch

Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is a “homeplug switch” that will take the two wire output from a homeplug style board (rather than an RJ45 plug) and also output in homeplug two wire ? I want to connect two devices, which may already be converted to two wire, and then send them both up the main tether via homeplug 2 wire…

Device 1 (converted to homeplug)>“homeplug switch”
Device 2 (converted to homeplug)>“homeplug switch”
“Homeplug switch”>output homeplug 2 wire up ROV tether


Hi Marcus,

Homeplug is actually a bus architecture, meaning that you can connect more than two devices to the two wires. That means you can accomplish this without any other devices, just connect a third Fathom-X into the system in parallel with the other two. For example:

This is how we connect the Ethernet on the Water Linked Underwater GPS system so that the ROV, computer, and GPS system are all on the same network without using a traditional Ethernet switch.

Hope that helps.


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Hey Rusty,

Thanks a lot. The thought crossed my mind that maybe it worked like that, but then I doubted it could be that simple. That’s awesome though, where would we be without homeplug!?

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