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Help. BlueROV2 PixHawk to Polulu to Brushed Motor

(Jean Filion) #1

Hello, I am having a hard time getting the QGroundControl software setup to turn a brushed motor via the pixhawk to polulu simple motor controller.

When I connect the polulu to my PC via USB, I can turn the motor.

I need to go through the teather. I’m connected on AUX1.

Here are some screenshot. Any idea what settings are wrong in QGroundControl ?

(Jacob) #2

We need the specifications for the brushed motor controller.

(Jacob) #3

PS, it’s not clear but SERVO1 parameter refers to main out 1.

Servo9 parameter refers to aux out 1.

(Jean Filion) #4

(Jacob) #5

Have you configured the input mode on the pololu controller to RC?
Do you see a valid pwm when it is connected to the pixhawk and your computer via usb?

(Jean Filion) #6

I do believe that I have configured the input mode of the Polulu to RC as per this link:

How can I check to see if I have a valid pwn when it is connected to the pixhauk and computer via usb ?

(Jacob) #7

There’s a picture that shows it here: https://www.pololu.com/product/1378#lightbox-picture0J2912

(Jean Filion) #8

You Sir, are a genius. Thank you.

I did as you said, plugged the USB connection in and the teather connection too.

Launched Simple Motor Controller Centre.

Under input I noticed that it was not on RC. So I checked that radio button.

Everything works now !

Thank you !! Especially on a Sunday !!

(Jacob) #9

Well done, have fun.

(ahmed adel) #10

can i use dc motors with pixhawk instead of brushless motors

(Jacob) #11

Yes, but you will need brushed motor controllers.