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Help. BlueROV2 PixHawk to Polulu to Brushed Motor

Hello, I am having a hard time getting the QGroundControl software setup to turn a brushed motor via the pixhawk to polulu simple motor controller.

When I connect the polulu to my PC via USB, I can turn the motor.

I need to go through the teather. I’m connected on AUX1.

Here are some screenshot. Any idea what settings are wrong in QGroundControl ?

We need the specifications for the brushed motor controller.

PS, it’s not clear but SERVO1 parameter refers to main out 1.

Servo9 parameter refers to aux out 1.

Have you configured the input mode on the pololu controller to RC?
Do you see a valid pwm when it is connected to the pixhawk and your computer via usb?

I do believe that I have configured the input mode of the Polulu to RC as per this link:

How can I check to see if I have a valid pwn when it is connected to the pixhauk and computer via usb ?

There’s a picture that shows it here: https://www.pololu.com/product/1378#lightbox-picture0J2912

You Sir, are a genius. Thank you.

I did as you said, plugged the USB connection in and the teather connection too.

Launched Simple Motor Controller Centre.

Under input I noticed that it was not on RC. So I checked that radio button.

Everything works now !

Thank you !! Especially on a Sunday !!

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Well done, have fun.

can i use dc motors with pixhawk instead of brushless motors

Yes, but you will need brushed motor controllers.

Hello Jacob.
Can you help me with this board: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10182
Can I connect this board on pixhawk to control two brushed motors? How i do?