Hand controller gets disabled when I select auto functions

When flying the ROV I want heading hold I select it and immediately I have a message that hand controller is disconnected and lose control of the vehicle until I initialize joystick from menu, also noticed my bandwidth is 20 when connected with tether and 100 when direct Ethernet connection.
Thanks Sam

Hi @SamROV, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That definitely sounds odd. What kind of controller are you using? Presumably you went through the normal sensor and joystick calibrations before trying to dive?

20 mbps is quite poor performance, and may cause communication issues while operating. What kind of tether are you using, and can you confirm that the same twisted pair is plugged in at both ends?

Tether was supplied with the ROV from Buchaneer from Blue Robotics, blue and white connected both sides i get 36 to 40 when not streaming the video


Right, ok. That should be fine - the network test there is the ‘remaining’ bandwidth, beyond the bandwidth being used for communication and streaming. ~40 mbps total should at least be usable, which is confirmed somewhat by your ~20 free even while streaming video.

What do you think about the controller disconnection issue? I have Doppler fitted also, but can’t get position hold or any auto to work.

As a guess without further information, I assume your joystick has a connect/disconnect button which you have presumably configured as the button for “heading hold” (I’m assuming you mean “stabilize” or “depth hold”?).

That seems unrelated and should likely be in a separate topic. This comment on factors influencing the bottom lock may be relevant, but your issue could also be caused by damage or incorrect configuration of your DVL.