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Gyro not calibrated warning, loss of control

(Jacob) #21

Hey @ROV, sorry to hear about your trouble. When you have a chance to troubleshoot with the ROV again, let us know. You may arrange a technical support appointment with us by emailing support@bluerobotics.com.

In the meantime, it’s always good to revisit our software setup and complete the step by step instructions again.

You can also see if any of the troubleshooting steps on ardusub.com are relevant for your situation: https://www.ardusub.com/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html

When you have an error or warning message that you want to ask about, please try to write down exactly what the message says so that we can narrow the problem quickly (with ctrl + f to find it in the code!).

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(Christian) #22

…naa now worries, its jyst a minor problem bec i can search so ;)…today i continued and i get EKF bad,… but i could continue the search, but the ROV actually did a bacflip today and stabilased just fine ;D …i got the head diver of the firedepartement for support today and we had a good laugh;) …but something is not ok, but i hope to reclibrate since i lost the gyro?, but it seems to fall out again and again?..i have a Lot of EKF bad, and then some EKF2 IMUO in flight yaw align, and the same for IMU1 in flight yaw align?..and that says not juch to me?:slight_smile: …any quick advise?:slight_smile:


(Jacob) #24

The ‘yaw realignment’ message is benign, but might indicate some distortions in your local magnetic field.

If you continue to have trouble, please write down the error message you see and let me know exactly what it says.

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(Christian) #25

…i hve Just got an info from a colleuge of mine, can the reason be tath its Much iron under the seabed? i only get the message : EKF bad, and then some EKF2 IMUO in flight yaw align, and the same for IMU1 in flight yaw align?..so my mind now tells me im just into a Lot of metal?..does this make sence?..bec its working but “freaking” out a little;)…and the compass dont make quiote sence… in Norway we Know where north is;) but im a few(20) degrees off i feel;)


(Bo Koppel) #26

Same thing happens for me close to metal, wrecks as example.
Magnetic anormaly, maybe we can use this for UXO surveys? :wink:

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(Christian) #27

ok… bec it looks good with a sandy bottom but its a lot of metalk underneath :wink: …yea might be on something there Bo ;)) …lets go to Nome… when it freaks out we hve Gold ;))