GoPro Live Surface Feed

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I’ve mounted a GoPro (7 and 8) in a 4’’ tube, where I convert the signal from HDMI to NDI and send this to my topside computer or separate screen (basically any NDI-capable viewer connected to the same network will do).

The GoPro Hero 8 will give more or less delay free video via the network on NDI. The Hero 7 gives 2-3 seconds of delay when stabilisation is enabled.

The software used is and the hardware is a Raspberry Pi 4, with a HDMI-USB video card, in addition to a separate battery. It all fits in a 4’’ tube.

Hello, for a university project I have to do a stream camera with a raspberry pi 4 and a GoPro hero 7 black. The thing is that I don’t know how I can transfer the video information to the raspberry and then picked up them to a media player on a screen … if you could tell me more on your project that would help me a lot