GHG mapping drone

Here is our latest build: Subsurface GHG mapping drone:

Water is pumped below the surface to a gas extractor in the top box. The extracted gas is sent to sensors installed in the port side of the boat for measurement.
Integration with the BlueOS and Node-red extension was not too hard and the dashboard really change the game. It allow for control of the system, live data visualization and recording during mission. The BlueOS with extension open a lot of possibilities that were not available with previous pixhawk version. I am ready for a new sensor integration challenge!


Interesting, so you’re measuring greenhouse gasses dissolved in the water?

In a way yes. There is no technology at the moment that can directly measure dissolved gas. We first need to extract the gas from the water phase. Once extracted, it can be measure with sensors.
Gas accumulates in the water column because of biological activity and water can be a source or sink of carbon to the atmosphere. Most of the time lakes and reservoir are sources of CH4 and CO2. There is a lot of factor affecting the concentrations of dissolved gases. This drone allow to study spatial heterogeneity and will help understanding the factors affecting the carbon flux.


Love it. What a great Blue Boat application!