Getting your underwater ROV to talk to you about its problems

When diving your underwater ROV, there is a lot going on and you often can’t read all the sensor information all the time - it might be displayed on another screen for example or you might just be too busy taking in the scenery :slight_smile: .

It could be handy to have the ROV tell you about issues as they occur, or simply provide overview of key data at key times - like a commercial jet on landing reads out the altitude.

In the video below there is partial Node Red dashboard in a browser for controlling the ROV. On the right, some the mechanics that make it happen. I was able to hook some of the sensor parameters (e.g. depth and enclosure temperature) into the IBM ‘text to speech’ functionality with live read outs every minute. I also included an emergency message for a hypothetical leak detection. This solution assumes your ROV controller has access to the internet but does not send the sound files across the tether.

This functionality could be useful later with the goal of a seamless FPV goggle view for ROV. For the video below, ensure your sound is not muted :slight_smile:

Thanks to Cletus Andoh for the how-to… (Cletus Andoh - YouTube)