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Getting down to depth

(Richard) #1

@Rusty- any thoughts on the in-water drag for a vertical decent of my rov? I am trying to plan descent and ascent power management. My configuration would show a flat-board plane of 4" x 10", plus the cross section of two T-100s. I figure you guys have looked at this in your design work.

Thanks, Richard

(Rusty) #2


That’s not my area of expertise unfortunately. I do think you’ll hit terminal velocity almost instantly so the best way to figure this out is probably experimentally. Make it 1 lb negatively buoyant and then measure the time it takes to sink a few feet.


(Richard) #3

Yeah, good point Rusty. The time it takes to reach bottom with 1 lb negative buoyancy should equate to 1 lb of down thrust, which I can equate directly to motor current draw. Easy, peasy. Thanks