Getac T800 with QGroundcontrol

So I bought this Getac T800 rugged windows tablet with an Atom X7 1.6Ghz processor, 8Gb RAM, Windows 10pro 64 bits, hoping to use it to control the Bluerov2. But it seems the QGroundcontrol freezes, or is at least unbelieveably slow. It connects to the ROV and xbox controller, but does not respond to inputs. Does anyone know if this tablet meets the requirements to control the sub? And if so, what am I doing wrong?

Well, you probably need some decent video graphics on that laptop…

And does QgroundControl work well with 64bit? I dunno, just throwing ideas out there.

PS. Also, since tablets usually lack multiple USB outputs, that could be a bottleneck?

Hi @Johnny,

The QGroundControl documentation specifies:

Is the interface freezing, or is the camera stream that’s freezing/inconsistent?
Can you try using QGC 4.1.4?

QGC should work fine with 64 bit, but the video graphics could be an issue.

It may also be worth looking at our Poor Video Streaming Performance troubleshooting steps, as well as trying the different video decoding options (available in QGC >= 4.1).

The whole program freezes, not just the video feed. I am not sure witch software version I am running but it was downloaded about 2 weeks ago. This is a tablet.

I think your specs are probably a little too low.

I’ve had pretty good luck running our BlueROV on a ToughPad FZ-G1. Ours has the i5-4310U processor, and its specs are all a couple notches up from the Getac. It’s not silky smooth, but it’s adequate. I think the FZ-G1 has about the minimum specs that will reliably work in this application.

They are expensive new, but you can pick used ones up on Ebay for $200-300.

Thx for response. I really don’t know much about these processors. I have decided to try and sell the Getac, now that Grega has made a brilliant app for ipad. Just tested it and it works perfectly.