Foil board project

Hey, I am getting ready for a DIY foil thruster retro-fit project/caper (!)

Just looking to buy a minimum of gear to concept test really at this stage

I reckon 1 or 2 T200 thrusters should do it (with ESCs and mounts)
4s 5000mah 14.8v battery (and charger) in waterproof box strapped on (will go bigger if it works)
I am thinking that a torqueboard nano controller and receiver should work with the ESC?

Is that right do you think?

If I go for two T200s do I need to do anything clever to ensure they run together?

Any advice on a power and/or safety switch? Do I need one? Or can I rely on idling and disconnecting the battery back on dry land?

Anything else obvious I’ve missed from my shopping list??

Many thanks to anyone who can help!!


Hi Rich,

I am not sure if the T200 will be able to reach the speeds required for a foil board. @adam may explain.

That wireless controller looks perfect, but I am not sure if it will work. You need to know what PWM the controller centers at, and where forward/reverse end. If you use one of the ESCs from our store, neutral will be at 1500 pwm, full forward at 1900 and full reverse at 1100. Most other ESCs will only operate in one direction, ~1100 is neutral, and ~1900 is full throttle.

If you use 2 T200s side by side, then you will need to control them individually with two channels and a ‘steering’ mechanism on the controller. You probably cannot wire them in parallel to one channel, because minute differences will cause them to push different amounts of water, and you would have a bit of a turning motion as you try to move straight.

Regarding a power switch, you will need something capable of handling the current draw, probably something rated at at least 80A for 2 T200s. You could go without a switch (for a limited period of time), the electronics will draw an amp or so when idle, much less than when operating.

Thanks a lot. That’s really helpful. I was thinking two may be required. Based on below.

I think some swimming assistance may reduce initial drag enough to get lifted and on the foil but haven’t done the maths. I was also thinking I could stick a bigger foil on if need be. But probably two thrusters is better.

I need to research and understand ESC /PWM /RC a bit better…

Hi Rich,

I recommend you take a look at this other forum topic. The general consensus is that you need a much more powerful thruster to properly propel a foil board, on the order of 1-2kW.

The speed you will achieve with a thruster depends heavily on the size, weight, and drag characteristics of the vehicle it is mounted on. The T200 is designed for high static thrust, not speed, and the drag of the nozzle would likely be the limiting factor on the speed of a thruster alone. Hypothetically, with the prop pitch of 27.5° and maximum rotational speed of about 3800rpm, a T200 could reach a speed of up to 5m/s (11mph) in a drag-less mass-less environment. Realistically, we he have had other customers reach speeds of about 5-6mph with a single T200 on a stand up paddle-board with a human occupant. Even with many thrusters, I believe the operational RPM of the T200 will not allow for any speed above 10mph or so at the very most.


Hmm. Ok. Will check that out.

Hi Rich, How’d you go with this hydrofoil project?
I’m thinking 2x T500 should be sufficient to get up on foil, possibly assisted with some ‘foil pumping’ action of the foil and board to get started…

Just a bit of a summer project for those ‘no wind’ days on the foil…

Would love to hear what / how you went with your project =)

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