I just wanted to share a video of my electric SUP build made using a couple T200s. They’re some amazing little motors and I’m super impressed with how much thrust they generate for such a small package.

The video is about 5 mins and I posted it on Vimeo: DIY Electric SUP Build on Vimeo

My parts list is here: E-SUP / E-Foil Project - Google Sheets

Here are a couple videos of it in action:


Nice project. Can you measure top speed? Can ESC handle 1/2 or full power for longer time?

Thanks. Unfortunately I don’t have much more than anecdotal data. It does get a bit warm in the enclosure, but I havent had any problems yet, even under the hot Texas sun with a black enclosure.

As for the speed, well its definitely faster than your average paddleboarder. I usually cruise around at about 50% throttle. If you’re not careful and go straight to full throttle you might lose your balance and fall off. I almost did my first try.

Unfortunately I am leaving on an extended business trip today so I won’t be able to get out and ride it for a while.


This is amazing! Thanks for posting. Would you mind if we shared on our social media? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, feel free. :slight_smile:

Any effort to waterproof the nano controller?

There are multiple switches, buttons, LEDs, and the main throttle is a potentiometer I believe. All are exposed to water ingress. Definitely a challenge. I think it would be easiest to do what some of the diy skateboard guys are doing and take an off the shelf rc controller and stuff it in a custom 3D printed shell. Maybe some sort of silicone sealant between the halves.

Not sure what sort of sensor you would use for the throttle. Maybe a magnetic encoder wired up as a potentiometer? I know Austria Microsystems used to make an encoder that could be used like that.

For my purposes I was just sticking it inside 2 layers of Ziploc bags and trying not to fall in, haha.

Zackary, I have 32 Ah battery packs. Usually during 3-4 hour fishing trip I never spent more than 40% capacity. At 1800 PWM (3/4 power) my speed is about 6 km/h (3.7 mph).
So, I’m very interested if you can measure speed at 1/2 and 3/4 power with one and two thrusters. If the difference is significant I may add second T200.