Flashing Firmware


I am trying to flash my ping sonar down from V3.28 to V3.27_9600b in order to use the Arduino code over 9600 baud rate (as I have other Serial components which run on 9600). I’ve followed the instructions https://docs.bluerobotics.com/ping-viewer/firmware-update/ but when I click ‘Firmware Update’ the page freezes and doesn’t change/restart again.

Once restarting PingViewer the unit reconnects and works fine & I have had this working with the Arduino example using 115200 baud rate.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @Alex3, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You should be able to install the latest version from the Arduino Library Manager :slight_smile:

This is a known issue that should be fixed in the latest version of Ping Viewer (which we’ve just released). You can download that from here or the installation docs, although you shouldn’t need to downgrade the firmware anymore (it’s better to update ping-arduino instead) :slight_smile:

As per our updated guide:


Thank you for the help on this, the updates worked perfectly first time. Cheers!


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