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Ping sonar and recent firmware (v3.28)

Hi there, we bought a BlueROv2 and some single components and they are still working fine. We also bought the ping sonar, which works fine with the ping viewer and on an arduino mega (with 115…baud).
As we have bought a device with the latest firmware (V3.28) it has an auto option for baudrate on the ping viewer.
If I would like to use an arduino uno, do I have to flash (downgrade) it to the V3.27 firmware with 9600?
Thank you for your support.

ps… as there are “thousands” of fish finders available on the market, which cost from 15-150€ and provide bluetooth, or wifi or cable connection,battery, higher scanning depth, suitable analysis and sometimes with display, would it be possible for you to send a cheaper device to the market. YOurs can be integrated in ROV and is reliable and so on, but very often people search simple stuff for using it from surface to map a lake. so nice would be a simple, smaller and cheaper device with suitable connections :slight_smile:
thank you

Hi @andreas, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I just tried this with my Arduino Uno and it worked fine to just use the auto option, although I had to change the pingSerial call to use 115200 baud instead of the 9600 default value in the code. When I left that line using 9600 it failed to initialise correctly. I’m unsure whether that’s because the last time the Ping1D was used it was using 115200, or if that’s just the default baudrate for the auto-mode and there’s some kind of special protocol for the auto-detect functionality to work.

If you specifically want to use the slower 9600 baud between the ping1d and your Arduino then I’d probably suggest using the 9600 variant of 3.27, although it may be worth trying the 3.28-auto first.

Dear Eliot, Thank you for the quick reply. Have you used the standard example code or the code for the Arduino Mega? Ithought (from reading the explanations) that the hardware serial port on the Arduino Uno eccapts only the 9600 Baud.

  • for unterstanding: If I start the ping viewer and I choose one of the baud rate options, does it changes the baud rate of my ping sonar?

I was using ping1d-simple.ino with an Arduino Uno, which uses software serial, and works for the 115200 baud without an issue. I tried the same example today with an Arduino Mega, but with the pins changed from 9+10 to 10+11, still using software serial. I haven’t yet tried hardware serial on either the uno or the mega (ran out of time today).

Assuming you’re referring to the following comment from ping1d-simple.ino:

// If you are using and Arduino UNO or Nano, this must be software serial, and you must use
// 9600 baud communication

I’m not sure why that’s there - I’m guessing that’s still there from when 9600 baud was the only ping firmware option, in which case setting a different baud in the Arduino code would just result in failed communication. As mentioned, 115200 works fine for me.

According to the Arduino Serial page it’s not recommended to have connections to the hardware serial on the Uno while programming, so if you’re wanting to use that instead of software serial then you’ll need to disconnect the ping1d while programming, and plug it in afterwards. I believe the hardware pins are capable of 2Mbaud, so there shouldn’t be any particular issues with either 9600 or 115200 baud ping firmwares if you do choose to use hardware serial.

I tried this and it didn’t seem to make a difference when connecting with the Arduinos afterwards - only the 115200baud code worked while running on the ‘auto’ firmware - 9600baud didn’t initialise.

I believe my testing confirmed this today. If you want to use 9600 baud for some reason then you’ll need to downgrade to the 9600 variant of v3.27 firmware. If you’re happy to use 115200 baud then the auto firmware is fine.

Dear Eliot, thank you very muchfor the fast and helpful answers. Tomorrow I can test it with my arduino Uno and I will reply the results (I have to doubt that your way works fine for me too).
Then I can create a much smaller data logger due to the decreased size of the Uno.

HI Eliot, I just tested the approach you recommended and it worked fine, after changing the baud rate to 115200. Thak you for your kind support

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