First Post- Greetings from San Diego

Hi all- Just joined the forum.
I’m a somewhat “challenged” builder and checking in with one specific question in addition to just saying hi…

I’m in my 40’s and actually got started looking at the long term project of building a full size submersible. I don’t have the physical space to start that anytime soon, which gives me time to
build skills and explore design considerations with a modular platform for experimenting.

My goal is a wood hull- bulkheads with plywood sheeting and fiberglass reinforced. Planning on using plastic syringes (300 ml total, 2x 150 fore and aft) for ballast tanks.

I would like to start with 50-70m as a starting depth, I think for control modules direct drive will be a good enough starting point for me, I hope to have enough space within to expand and build a more modern control system as I go…

My immediate pressing technical question- I would like to drive the ballast tank pistons off a single gear driven by a motor: Should I house this motor within the watertight cylinder, and if so, thoughts on how to seal a drive shaft penetrating the cylinder?

Thanks for your thoughts, hoping to start building soon!

John Bussard
San Diego CA