Fiber optic connector 400msw rated

Hi everyone,

It took us years of modifications and field testing but we finally have a product we can mass produce.

I thought I would share on here about the new depth rating for our underwater fiber connector kit:

When BR came out with the wetlink M6 4.5mm (WetLink Compression Gland Penetrator for Subsea Electrical Cables) it enabled us to increase our depth rating and make the connector 100% serviceable.

That’s right. Unlike other connectors out there, you can take this SS316 connector completely apart and reassemble it with a new fiber SC-LC patch cord you can find locally.

A client of ours sent it to a hyperbaric facility in Canada and got it tested for a working depth of 400MSW.

Although we believe that it can go as far as the wetlink will old pressure against our orange sleeve, we opted to keep it rated to 400MSW as it will cover most rov operations this connector is intended for.

To all those who previously purchased this model, be assure that the original rating of 100MSW is now 400MSW without any modifications required.


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