Feedbacks on ROV locator Bundle Mark III

Hi all,

As anyone tried the new ROVL MK III on the forum? What are your results in terms of ease of use and positionning accuracy?

We were beta tester on the ROVL MK I some years ago and honestly we did not succeed in getting good results with it (complicated calibration procedures, faulty wiring that made the position drift inconsistently).

Cerulean is a serious company and I am sure that they made huge progress since then. Nevertheless I just do not have time to be a tester of early stage products anymore and I do not want to waste money again on someting not working. I need an easy to deploy product with a proper calibration procedure that I can interface with our RTK GPS and have good positionning results with.

Let me know your feedback.


Steve, I am going to reach to some of our Mk III customers to see if they can reach to you and shared their experiences. From our perspective, the main difference between the Mk II and III is that the latter has no timebase drift, so the system can remain submerged indefinitely without losing slant range accuracy.

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