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FathomX connecting through DC power input


I have an issue with fathom X are connecting through the DC bat. With no rovs connected to the topside the lights on both fathomX are on. I thought they only linked up between tether input. How is this possible? Is it possible to fix this problem?

I want to connect both ROVs on the topside box and through my network.

Both fathomX on topside are connected through the same DC power supply.

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The lights on the Fathom X will come on even if you’re ROV isn’t powered up. Your switch will recognize the Fathom-X as a device and the connection lights will indicate a connection.

I’m curious - are you connecting two BlueROV2’s? Because if you are, there will be a conflict in the network as they both have identical IP addresses, as well as the PC’s that operate them.

The problem is when no ROVs connected, the power and linked on both FathomX have lights. Seems like the are connecting through the DC bat input.

Both ROVs have DHCP client. Router is connected to the switch. All that is fine.