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Fathom-X, rebuild to fit in 2inch pipe

(Tao Submarines and Systems, Aegean) #1

Interested in customising my own PCBs, and making a narrower Fathom-X board that can fit in a 2inch acrylic pipe (OpenCTD), so I can consider lowering a webcam down 100m, as I have never seen that deep on my own before :wink:

Would you sell just the transformer type bit for the PCB (u$5), say 10 pieces?
Seen the LX200V20 on alibaba, easily available. Interested in playing with other homeplug system, available in Europe, but it looks like your product has the right license and availability!

(Rusty) #2

Hi there,

Can you send me an email at rusty@bluerobotics.com and I’m sure we can find a way to support this.