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Fathom x problem

I have been using BR2 ROV since the beginning. It works very well over the time.
However in my last work I had a problem with the fathom x boards.
I had a lost of signal. while trying to check if there was a problem with my cables I did unplugged one of the two wires on the fathom x board and the connection restarted. So i tried to plugged the 2 wires again I got a lost of signal. to complete the job I runned the ROV using only 1 of the 2 wires plugged into the fathom x board.
Does any one has an idea? it had been working with the 2 wires for more than 4 years…

Hi Jules,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the Fathom-X board! I have a few recommendations to figure out what is going on:

  1. I’d recommend using a multimeter to check for continuity on each of the tether wires. Check out the connectors on either end as well to make sure they are okay.

  2. Check out the Fathom-X board and make sure the module is plugged in completely.

If you don’t have any luck with those things then you might have to try a replacement Fathom-X board.