Fathom-S & Differential Video and Serial Discussions and Uses

In my research on using the Fathom-S and in getting a better understanding of the differential video I ran across this website that others may found useful as a general overview if you are new to the issues around sending video over longer distances:

The Fathom-S is basically an amplified active differential video adapter if I understand it correctly, BR can correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

We are currently working on adding the Fathom-S to our BlueROV2 advanced setup, so as to run a separate analog video feed from a secondary camera. Also working on another project for use in a drop camera system.

Be interested to hear how others are using the Fathom-S both for video as well as for serial communications.

Is anyone using the serial interface outside of the standard BlueROV2 setup with other controllers/systems such as an Arduino?

Looking to see how we can possibly use this for camera control and related interface so would love to hear what others are doing.

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@schoonerlabs - You are exactly correct. The differential video signal can travel a long ways without much distortion. The RS422 serial operates with the same concept, using a differential signal to carry the serial comms a long ways.

Fathom-S all up and benched tested with GoPro over our 100M tether. Seems to work great.
Next will be ot maybe play with some Arduino to Arduino communications over the serial to maybe add in control for other cameras. We have this CCD zoom camera unit that might be interesting to try underwater with the night mode NIR removable IR filter.


It has remote controlled zoom, focus, and menu change capabilities.