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Ethernet Communication


(Sena) #1

I am working on an ROV. I use pressure and temperature sensors. And i have to control 4 brushlesss motor. andd video streaming. I will use max. 20-25 m. ethernet cable. Is it necessary something such as fathom-x? So sorry my English :slight_smile:

(TCIII) #2


If you are using a low resolution analog video camera, then the Fathom S interface will work.

If you are using a high resolution USB or RPi video camera, then you will need the Fathom X interface and a RPi and any required support hardware.

(Jacob) #3

You can use a normal ethernet cable. You do not need an interface board for a short length (< 100m) of ethernet cable.

(Sena) #4

Thank you.

(Ashwin Digitofy) #5

Its a Small Task You want Need Much Stuff , Yes Jacob is right go with that thing.

(Sena) #6

Actually, I’m worried about video transfer. Because we need live video to move on. Then there will be no problem?