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Extract data logger from csv file

hi everybody, i´m trying to extract roll, pitch and heading data, but in degrees. then send it to mysql database for to graph on a dashboard, but i don´t undersatnd read the numbers in the rows. why that numbers in csv… comparising with MavExplorer?

Autopilot rotation: Roll90Pitch270

Hi @jonathan_b,

It looks like the resulting csv is off by a factor of 10, how did you generate it? Can you share the log file?

Thanks for reply @williangalvani . As soon as I can, I’ll send it. Sorry if I reply late, is by time change between countries. I’m from Chile. So, after my job I’ll reply

here are the files that Qgroundcontrol generate. then, the csv is converted with excel.

2020-12-05 22-26-28 vehicle1.csv (22.5 KB) 2020-12-05 22-27-08.tlog (296.6 KB)

It looks like Excel dropped the decimal point for some reason…
If you open the file with a text editor, you can tell the difference

thanks very much, was my fault. i didn´t see that detail. the solution is click on datas above tab>from text/csv>select csv file>click on transform>on aplicated steps: delete changed type and promoted headlines>click on close and load.

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