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ESC calibration process - documentation and clarification request


I am looking for instructions and support on how to calibrate Blue Robotics ESCs.

The standard ESC calibration process for unidirectional motor is pretty clear to me, but I have a doubts concerning the MIN/MAX speed value settings when applied to bidirectional motors.

I need to set the:

MAXf max forward speed value
MINf min forward speed value
MAXb max backward speed value
MINb min backward speed value

If I well understand, BlueRobotics ESCs are delivered by default with MAXf=1900, MAXb = 1100,
MINf=MINb=1500 with a deadzone around 5%.

Is it possible to set ESC as described above? How to do it?
Can you kindly link me to docs or tutorial useful for answering?


There are only three values that you need to know. 1100 is full speed backwards. 1500 is neutral. And 1900 is full speed forward. You could control the ESCs with a Python library called pigpio. Then use set_servo_pulsewidth (GPIO the ESC is on, width of pulses to ESC). This command is from the pigpio library that you need to install.

Here is an example script: ESC example script - Pastebin.com. Where you see inp, it is receiving those values from a different python script.

Hi Daniel,

the request here is about ESC calibration process (one-shot calibration done at the bring-up of the system).

for example:

I am trying to understand if Blue Robotics ESC support a similar process and how to set separately MAX forward speed and MAX backward speed (different by the default values 1100-1900 ).


Well, I don’t know how it would work with PX4. This is how I control the ESCs.

I have the same question for PX4 – Dshot ESC --T200 configuration.
Taking into consideration:

Do I need to remove impellers and test thruster in water?

Hi @adb,

The Basic ESC calibration process is very simple- there is none. By default max throttle is fixed to 1900 μs, neutral to 1500 μs, and max throttle reverse to 1100 μs. There is no calibration process, as the option to do so is disables in our configuration of the BlHeli_S firmware.

If for whatever reason you need to use the ESC in a system that requires calibration, you can enable calibration by programming the ESC firmware configuration with BLHeli Suite. The calibration process is outlined in the BlHeli_S manual.