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BESC-R1 Specs and Usage Information

Hello All,

I have a BESC-R1 and I was wondering where I might find the specs for this guy. It’s been a while, seems misplaced this one for too long but it’s time to get everything up and running but without the specs I risk damaging something. Any help would be great.


Hi @Kas,

You can find the documentation for the old Basic ESC R1 here. The most critical difference to be aware of is that this rated for only 2-4S operation, so the maximum allowable input voltage is 16.8 V.


Hello @Adam,

Thank you very much, this has been a great help.

Thank you

Happy to help!


Dear Adam
I am using basic ESC R1 with T-100 bluerobotics thruster connected with 12volts 27A supply. ESC start up with red led blink then it goes off, no response at output. Waiting for your informative response.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @boss123,

Please see the SimonK firmware documentation here for details on any errors codes you are receiving.

How are you controlling the ESC?


Dear Adam
Thanks for the response , basically i am using NI myrio 1900 for controlling the thruster using joystick , i just set the frequency to 1khz and vary the duty cycle to control the thruster , i receive 3v at my pwm pin on 100% duty cycle. when i power on the esc the red light blink , then goes off, after that there is no response from the esc , while ESC is fresh and new, and there is no voltage on ESC output. please guide me on this.

Hi @boss123,

It sounds like you may not be sending the ESC valid RC style PWM signals. The signal should have a period of 20 ms and amplitude of 3.3 - 5.0 Vpp, with a pulse width of 1100-1900μs. 1500μs corresponds to neutral and should be sent to the ESC upon startup until it initializes. Please see here for more information. I would recommend using a simple servo tester or Arduino with some example code to test your setup first. You will need a common ground between your control system and ESC power supply.