Basic ESC Startup trouble

After flashing an Arduino Due with the code provided under the Basic ESC learning tab, we tried to spin up a thruster using a power supply providing 12 volts to the ESC and our VideoRay thruster. Each time we tried to spin the thruster it would stutter about 3 times and then stop but never spin. We were hitting max current on the power supply so we tried a 6s 22v lipo and had similar results.

Please provide more information about what you are doing.

  • What esc are you using?
  • What motor are you using?
  • What power supply are you using?
  • How have you connected things?
  • Can you make a video?

The problem sounds like you do not have an adequate power supply.

Thanks for the response. Here is the information you requested:

We are using a Hobbymate 2204 brushless motor with their ESC. The motor spins and makes the power up beeping sound with the power supply we used.

We used your Arduino example code from the basicESC learning page with an Arduino due. We tested the output PWM signal using Digilent’s Analog Discovery 2. The PWM amplitude is 3.3V, and it is high for 1700 us (as expected). This was just from testing the Arduino itself.

When we tested the BlueRobotics ESC we just bought a few weeks ago here is what happened:
Our Power Supply: TekPower TP-3003D-3 0-30V/0-3A (the 2 output connected in parallel so max amps is 6).
Used ESC: Blue Robotics basic ESC

Input Power Supply: 10 V with 6 amps max power supply.
Input PWM: 3.3V PWM using your example code
Output Signal: using the oscilloscope, we measured one of the ESC output phases with reference to the ESC input GND. A picture is attached with measurements. The output is PWM signal with 10V & high period of 4.2 us. The output only lasts for few moments (we had to use the trigger capability of the power to see it).

There was no beeping, there is no LED ON, and the Hobbymate 2204 brushless motor just tries to spin three times then stops.

How can we verify that there is no hardware component that is damaged, or that the software is not corrupted (is any simple test)? What’s the ESC MOSFET datasheet (we couldn’t find it online)?

I’ll have to get back with you this Wednesday with our wiring and a video of our attempts. Thanks.