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Thruster motor not spinning

Hi, im using thruster motor 20A 12-24V with ESC 30A and Lipo battery 3000mah 11.1V 25C. And I connect it to Arduino UNO. My thruster motor is keep making beep-beep sound and not spinning. Can I know why this is thruster motor is not spinning. Thank you.
I only have basic knowledge about electronics please help me.

Hi @Linda, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This doesn’t sound like our thrusters, so I’ve moved this topic to our Third Party Products category.

You mention that you’re powering your setup with

which seems like you’re trying to power your >=12V thrusters with a battery that only supplies 11V, so it’s likely that your battery doesn’t supply a large enough voltage for your thrusters.

If you’ve misquoted your thruster or battery voltages, then assuming you’re using our Basic ESC I’d direct you to the Learn tab, which specifies that the ESC will beep three times, rising in pitch, when power is provided, to indicate that all three phases of a brushless DC motor are connected, and then once it’s provided with a valid PWM signal (1500-1900us pulse-width) you’ll here another (low) beep, followed by a final (high) beep when it receives a valid stopped signal (1500us) for a few seconds, after which the thruster should be able to be controlled.

If your ESC receives a zero signal (1500us) for an extended time then it will start making beacon beeps, which are about one beep every three seconds, which can help for example when trying to find an ROV that has lost connection with the surface.

You might be interested in this example Arduino Basic ESC code guide, and this more advanced guide for controlling the Basic ESC with an Arduino and potentiometer (which is kind of similar to what our Thruster Commander does). There’s also this comment about PWM if you’re interested in understanding what a PWM signal actually is, but that’s not required knowledge for working with them when you’re using an Arduino :slight_smile: