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Elevated Camera Ideas?

ROV’s are used for underwater inspection and work, but want if you wanted to view something that was above the surface of the water 1-2 meters in a place that was only accessible by water.

I was thinking of a scissoring type lift. Looking for thoughts or ideas on this plan of action. I am open to other suggestions too for lifting a camera and lights without changing the center of gravity to much.

Not sure if any of you have been by this, but it is about 7 miles north of Kanab in southern Utah on US Highway 89. One day I would like to be able to explore this spot.

Go to a tool rental place and look at a drywall jack. Turn a crank/drum and cable tightens, running over pulleys and lifting a tube within a tube.

Telescoping antenna masts work on the same principle. Multiple pulleys and one long cable. Tighten the cable and the sections telescope up. You can build your own by looking at various pieces of aluminum (square or rectangular) tubing at a hardware store or metals supplier. Just copy the drywall jack design. 3D print the spacers/pulley holders.

You could put a tiny FPV camera on top of the mast. Or look for ‘small ip camera’ to interface with the fathom x board in the bluerov2, if that’s what you have.