DVL integration to Ardupilot (Ardusub)

Hi there,

I’m using DVL-A50 on my system for localization of the robot which feeds the mapping algorithm with multibeam sonar.
But as you suppose, DVL itself drift a lot on long distances due to integration errors.

I started to thinking of integrating DVL into Ardupilot (Ardusub) system to support the DVL data.
I have a question to be sure at first.

Will it increase accuracy of localization? Does it take the DVL measurements into extended Kalman Filter(EKF)? How is your results about this integration?

Thanks for the answers in advance.

Hi @elchinaslanli,

I’m not sure what you mean by this - how are you using your DVL at the moment?

Our existing DVL-A50 integration receives velocity updates from the DVL and reports them to the autopilot using MAVLink messages. ArduSub then includes those measurements as inputs to its EKF, which includes them in its position estimation.

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Thanks very much for answer, I applied the steps for integration.

I will post the results after test.