DVL - Georeferencing video or exporting a timelog of lat long

We’ve successfully integrated the Waterlinked DVL with our BlueROV2 (w/ pixhawk & Pi).
The BlueRobotics documentation is very good for this.
However, it’s not clear to me how we can either log the latitude and longitude of the ROV with time or include the lat long in the telemetry.
I have no problem setting the initial position/co-ordinate and we can see the ROV on the map within QGroundControl which would lead us to believe that there is co-ordinate information hiding in there somewhere.
Is anyone able to offer some guidance?

Hi @GavXYZ,

I believe I responded to this when you asked a few weeks ago in a different post:

Feel free to follow up if you have additional questions :slight_smile:

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Eliot, my mistake. I remembered posting this but couldn’t find it. I see now that I originally commented on a similar thread. Hopefully the new keywords in this threads title 'georeferencing/DVL/lat/long will lead others to your answer.

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