Waterlinked GPS Data log


I’m wondering if anyone knows a way to extract just the Log & Lat data from the QGC .ass file or if there is a way/app to have the location data from the Waterlinked unit to a .gpx, .kmx or .csv so we can import the data to google maps.

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You can run Waterlinkeds Pyhton script “tracklog.py” while operating the ROV.
Then a GPX file will be made during the dive:

Awesome this worked fantastic! Wondering if you’ve been able to modify the tracklog.py script to save as separate log files instead of just overwriting the last dive every time? as well possibly changing where the file is saved to?

somewhere in here?

except KeyboardInterrupt:
print(“Saving data to file: {}”.format(filename))

I have written script to sort this out thank you!

Could I ask if it’s possible to export GPS co-ordinates from the DVL with the same tool? We recently received the Water Linked DVL. I’m wondering what to tell clients we can give them. I know the .ass files contain telemetry from different sensors. Can the co-ordinates from the DVL be added into the telemetry? That would be ideal. Alternatively, can it be done in post processing.

Nice you solved it!
I have uploaded my version that use date and time as filename.
Also only update position every 10 second.

The .ass files are generated based off whatever telemetry types are being shown in QGC’c telemetry widget during operation. From the available fields it doesn’t look like there’s one for visual odometry (which is what the DVL extension presents itself with to ArduSub), and the position ones look to be specifically for Gps messages rather than the vehicle’s position estimate, so I don’t believe it’s currently possible for QGC to put DVL things into its .ass subtitle files.

The vehicle has internal DataFlash .bin log files, and QGroundControl also logs the MAVLink messages it receives during operation in .log telemetry logs, which can both be parsed using Log Viewer or programs like Pymavlink’s mavlogdump.py.

If you’re using .bin logs the VIS* messages give you the information ArduSub is receiving from the DVL extension, and the POS messages log the vehicle’s position estimate from ArduSub’s sensor fusion (its EKF). In .log files you can look at the GLOBAL_POSITION_INT message data, and possibly also any VISION_* messages that get passed along.

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G’day everyone,

I note there is a solution to this post however I also use the ‘Save csv log of telemetry data’ option in QGC Application Settings. This setting is found on the General tab.

In my version of the csv, lat/lon details are found in columns CP and CQ when opened in MS Excel. The csv also logs system time/date in columns AU and AV.