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Does the M200 or M100 need to be potted?

(Jaume Gomila) #1

When reading the information on the M200 I came across the next statement in the “Learn” section:
"## Notes

It is strongly recommended to insulate the motor. Over time, without insulation, the wires will begin to show signs of corrosion."

When looking at the T200 thruster information, no extra work is needed (at least it’s not stated to be needed) to protect it from corrosion.

What should I do to protect the M200 from corrosion? Is it just about potting the cable connections to the motor? Or should the M200 stator and rotor be potted?

(Jacob) #2

The stator and rotor of the M100 and M200 are already coated. The ‘potting’ refers to the electrical connections to each of the phases. You solder wires to the motor, then you should pot those solder joints.