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Different Penatrators

(Prem Patel) #1

Hi, I am new to ROVs and I had a question regarding what is the difference between the 6 mm and 8 mm penatrator. The length of the penatrator but is there like a diameter difference or is it better to use for certain task like less flexible wire? Thank you so much!

(TCIII) #2

The 6 mm penetrator works well with the T100/200 Thruster cables while the 8 mm penetrator is used with the Tether Cable.

(Jonathan) #3


There are diameter differences between the penetrators. The 6 mm penetrator has an ID of 5 mm and works well for cables with jackets between 5 to 6.6 mm in diameter. The 8 mm penetrator has an ID of 6.3 mm and works well for cables with jackets between 6.3 to 7.6 mm in diameter.

What TCIII says is correct. We designed the 6mm penetrator for the thruster cable and the 8mm penetrator to work with our tether.



(Marcus) #4

Hi Jonathon,
Do you guys sell the lumen penetrators separately? I’ve got a project that needs a smaller size than the thruster penetrators.

(Jonathan) #5


We don’t have a store page for them, but if you sent elisa@bluerobotics.com an email we should be able to work something out.