Detailed Setup process

This may sound like a very unusual (dumb) question, but is there, or does anyone know of a detailed start up / commissioning write up for Ardusub. In other words, if I were to build an ROV with all the features offered on a BLUEROV2 heavy, how does one that is not a genius like most people on this forum, go step by step to get the build from equipment only, to a fully functioning unit?

I searched topics here and did not come up with an answer.

Is the ARDUSUB document sufficient for this or are there things that are assumed to be understood when working with things like the Pixhawk or other control devices?

I’m OK if this is viewed negatively (constructively). I am simply asking to understand what I may be getting myself into and spending a lot of money and figuring out that I need a computer science degree to make a working ROV. I have spent a lot of time reading the new posts and a lot of the topics discussed are way over my head.

Thank you in advance for those who would offer advice and constructive feedback.


Everyone needs to start somewhere - if our information isn’t sufficiently accessible or available then it’s fair enough for you to ask about it :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already done so, you may find it helpful to read the globally-pinned post on How to Use the Blue Robotics Forums - particularly the section on searching resources (which should help you to understand where to look for particular types of content / resources).

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re most likely after the various BlueROV2 guides on our website, along with some of the other guides for understanding how to assemble, attach, and operate particular pieces of equipment :slight_smile:

You’ll also find that every product page has a “Guides” section towards the bottom, with quick start information as well as links to relevant guides to that particular product.

If I’ve misunderstood and you’re actually after something else, please let me know!

All our equipment and software is designed to be powerful and enabling, while also being easy to start using. On top of that, most of it is also designed to be readily modifiable and/or expandable, which is often the branching point or source for some of the more advanced/complex topics that may come up/be discussed on the forum.

The aim is also for our documentation to be clear and comprehensive (which we’re actively working on improving all the time), so if something isn’t clear or seems too complicated for you to understand when starting out then that’s great feedback that we need to provide better clarification :slight_smile:

You definitely shouldn’t need a degree (of any sort) to be able to assemble and operate one of our ROVs, although understandably if you decide to also design and make your own extensions or modifications that will require a deeper understanding of electronics/software/mechanics, depending on what’s being made :slight_smile:

When you’re operating the vehicle you mostly shouldn’t need to think about the Pixhawk. It can be useful to know what it is and what it does, but that’s mostly helpful if something goes wrong, and/or if you’re wanting/working to add your own extensions :slight_smile:


First, thank you for the reply. I will take all you have written here and re-think my process for understanding all that I am seeking to accomplish. In my haste to want to “dive into the deep end”, I apparently have went about this wrong. I was basically going to the Community forums section and my blinders prevented me from really looking at the other main topic areas as I felt those were specific to those that bought a new BlueROV unit.

I will be honest I did skip the How to use the forum section as I felt (and incorrectly so) that a forum is a forum. Therefore I will start from square one and follow your suggestions stated here.

I would like to say that if you are looking at ideas for improving the forum, and not that it needs improving, it might not be a good idea to have a Newbie category. Those that come from a very simple analog ROV level can be a bit overwhelmed by the leap to a far more complex level of ROV’s. Just a thought.

Thank you again for the reply.


Always interested in feedback :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. What kind of posts you would expect to be in there? As I understand it many/most “newbie” questions are either

  • product/software support (which goes in those relevant categories),
  • “how to build/considerations when building X”, which is what the Build/DIY categories are for, or
  • general questions about marine robotics, which is covered by General Discussion

I’d happily add a category intended for newbies, but it would need some kind of unique content (all our existing categories should already be welcoming to newbies, even if some of the posts from non-newbies are quite complex). I could see having such a category potentially discouraging people from searching for their questions before asking them, and may end up as a conglomerate of content that already has an appropriate category, so there’d need to be a clear description/purpose to avoid that.

Would it maybe make sense to make something like “Newbie Questions” as a sub-category of “General Discussion”, or are you thinking it should serve some other purpose? :slight_smile:


You bring up some good points. I like your idea of the sub-category.