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Desktop GUI Raspberry pi

I want to run raspberry in Desktop GUI mode
I’ve enabled VNC
I changed the boot settings to the desktop
The VNC program gives me this error :
cannot currently show the desktop
help me

Did you test if the raspberry desktop mode is working with a HDMI display ?

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hi @patrickelectric
Yes i tested
But the command line environment shows
Does your raspberry image support the desktop gui ?
I mean this

But in the vnc case, it shows a black screen

The raspberry runs with the address, did you change the ip address ? Are you connecting with it via wifi ? Can you connect via ssh with this address or in the website at :2770 port ?

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Raspberry is connected to the router, and my connection with raspberries is wifi
I am connected to the Raspberry via
I can connect it through the MobaXterm application and enter the ssh commands
I can even work with

In your last picture, you are trying to connect with it via, can you try with ?

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I downloaded Raspbian from the raspberry pi official site
VNC worked
There is a problem with your raspberry image and I will change my IP
I will announce the result

I tested with
A black screen is displayed

And I tested this address


I can connect to the raspberry (running companion image) without problems with VNC.Screenshot%20from%202018-07-17%2016-19-12
It’s necessary to install and configure the vncserver, in my case vnc4server.

I went this way
is it right?

hey @saeidjson did you get it working? I have the same issue.

So I am making an underwater robot, this includes:
Raspberry Pi
Arduino Mega

Both the Mega and Pixhawk will be connected to the pi via usb, and when putting the pixhawk to the pi everything works fine I have no issue the pixhawk and pi connect perfectly to the topside computer. Controllers and camera is working perfectly. But I am not sure if the image I flashed to my pi has a GUI, when I use the raspberry pi I have to use the terminal to complete commands or see my data which is fine for me but I want a GUI for anyone who is not so familiar with using just a terminal.

Basically is it possible for me to flash the ardusub image again onto the pi and get a graphical interface like when using rasbian. If also possible I would like to flash with rasbian then install ardusub separately. This would be beneficial for me because I would also like to use OpenCV on my ardusub pi image but I cannot because when powering the pi, it will not go to the desktop (if it even has one), I did even went into sudo raspi-config to see if there is a splash screen but there is not, I even set the boot option to desktop but it goes straight to a terminal like visual.

My question is does the ardusub have a image with a GUI, and if there is, what is the command to go into it. if not, then is there a way to install ardusub while I have rasbian?


It is possible to install a desktop, it does not ship with a desktop pre-installed.

There is a web interface available at

If you need a desktop, I recommend a search for ‘installing a desktop on raspbian’.

@sacharles13 has informed me that he was able to figure it out after all.

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