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Depth rating of T100 thruster

(Saravanan) #1


I would like to know the depth rating of T100 and T200 which will use in our AUV rated for 250m. Also I want to know the alternative or better mounting arrangements.

(Rusty) #2


We don’t have official depth ratings since we have not been able to test to failure depth. The T100 and T200 (without BlueESC) have been statically pressure tested to 3000m depth and we are confident that they will run well at depths less than 1000m. The BlueESC version has not been tested to such depths yet.

There are mounting holes available on the thrusters and they also come with mounting brackets for more flexible options.

Please let me know if you have any other questions


(Saravanan) #3


Thanks for your reply!!

Since we require only 250m depth, which thruster and ESC do you prefer. Please provide the pin configurations of both the ESCs.

Is there any certifications do you have for these products?

(Rusty) #4


Either option will work well. The plain thrusters without BlueESC have been tested the most at depth so I would recommend those. The pin configurations on the ESCs are available on the documentation here:



We do not provide any certificates for the depth ratings.


(Saravanan) #5


Thanks for your support.

We will get back for the further information after finalising the things.