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300 meter depth thruster or more than

(Volley) #1

I want to use this product for a depth of 300 meters. Do you think it will work?
What is your offer for a depth of 300 meters or more?
I think using a gearbox for higher depth

T motor U5 :https://www.getfpv.com/motors/tiger-motor-u5-400kv-u-power-professional-motor.html
Tmotor U3 :https://www.getfpv.com/tiger-motor-u3-700kv-u-power-professional-motor.html
Or Tmotor U11 , U10

(Rusty) #2

Hi Volley,

We’ve tested our thrusters at 300m many times and they work great!


(Michael) #3

The spec for the T200 is 3000m. Ten times deeper than you want to go! The T200 is the least of your worries - the airtight container is always the ‘weak’ link.