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T200 specification details

So I need some hard numbers on max load limits and thruster thresh holds points with weight trying to figure out number needed for a suited rov .An do the motors have a depth pressure resistance.

Hi @rouge1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

All our technical specifications for the thrusters are in the Technical Details section of the T200 product page. There are maximum and minimum thrusts specified, as well as performance and power curves.

We actually don’t have an official depth rating for our thrusters, as we haven’t found a limit yet. Due to our unique fully flooded design where water freely moves throughout the thruster internals, pressure isn’t much of a concern. There are no air cavities to compress or seals of any kind. However, we can say that they should work well up to about 500 m. If you get a thruster with a pre-installed Wetlink Penetrator, note that the penetrator itself is rated up to 950 m.