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D646WP servo connection to rov conntrols

Not sure if this is the right section but i have purchased of you the Hitec D646WP and i was wondering how i connect it in to the Bluerobtic ROV.

David Honeybun

Hi David-
If you’re using the servo inside the enclosure, you can connect the cable directly to the pixhawk. If using it outside, you’ll need to make a cable that connects to the pixhawk with the same 0.1" header pins (easy to crimp on, check Amazon, or cut cable to reuse connector), and links to outside the enclosure via a passthrough you pot. Don’t want it to leak!
The splice from the servo side wires to the extension cable should be a waterproof connection- I suggest soldering, liquid electrical tape, then heatshrink with internal glue on each connection and around collection of all 3 (gnd, 5v, pwm.)
See posts on recent software updates to easily control the servo with an aux channel on pix, qgc and gamepad.

I’ve used that servo at moderate depths, but never anything particularly deep and sustained. What’s your application?

Hi anthony,

Thanks for that makes perfect sense. We are taking water samples from volcanoes from up to 100meters deep. Hope the servo will hold up to the conditions


Wow - that’s pretty deep!

If possible, you may have more success if you mount the servo horn facing downwards - giving whatever air trapped in the servo less incentive to escape, and instead only be compressed…

Please share if it holds up!

take the servo apart and assemble in a bowle of oil. try to get all of the bubbles out.

more advanced: you can drill a hole and glue a rubber balloon. and fill this and the servo with oil. this will compensate for the trapped bubbles and it will be waterproof for all depts.

As far as software setup goes, here you are: https://www.ardusub.com/operators-manual/outputs.html

Thanks for all he advise all i will let you know how it all goes just currently building the water capture device now.