Cygnus Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Hi Guys,

Has anyone use Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness gage on BR2? Keen to know if it’s possible. Do share your inputs if any of you have done it. Thanks.

BR, Fazdli

@Fazdli, it should be possible. Do you have any datasheet or technical document for the device?

Hi Jacob,
You can take a look here.cygnus-mini-rov-mountable-data-sheet-iss2.pdf (1.9 MB)

Hi Mohamed,

You just need to use 1 spare twisted pair for the signal from the topside to the gauge.
And you power it from the terminal block.
I did it, it’s working well.


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Hi Achat,
Thanks for the input.


A little late to this thread but here is a pic of a system we just shipped to a power utility for use in and around a hydroelectric dam facility. Mounted on the BlueROV2 Heavy is the Cygnus Mini ROV Mountable thickness gauge with the Cygnus G1 Probe Handler.

We also modified the FXTI to add another Binder connector for the UT Gauge data stream output.
Any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our website or 800-680-7071.

BlueLink, LLC is an Official Blue Robotics Distributor located in Southern California.

Looks great ! Is there any reason why you couldn’t use a 422/232 to USB converter plugged into a USB port on the RPi, using a UDP, rather than tie up a spare twisted pair ? Just asking, not a criticism !

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@richard-rickett @achat I’m also interested about the USB option. Should that be possible? Nice system @BlueLink_JC

Hi @GavXYZ (/@richard-rickett),

The Cygnus Ultrasonic thickness gauge is actually the sensor I was using in this post a couple of years ago (while working for a different company), which includes the code and steps I went through to get it set up and communicating. We were using a serial to USB converter in the ROV’s enclosure, which was plugged into a USB port on the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

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Hi @EliotBR ,

Have you tried integrating Cygnus Dive Model , I am unable to find the incoming data format for this model.

Hi @ishanb, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When I was working with it I was only using the Mini ROV Mountable option, and I got the serial format and data interpretation information from the datasheet. I’m unsure whether the datasheets are available without purchasing the product or asking Cygnus.

That said, I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if the serial formats are the same, especially for sensors that are doing the same thing.

In case it’s useful, @rjehangir has been working on an extension for the Cygnus UT gauge, which follows on somewhat from the integration I originally made for Companion, but also includes a web interface that allows logging and labelling measurements.

That extension is not currently registered in the store, so if you want to try it out you’ll need to add it manually via the “+” button in the Installed tab of the Extensions manager:

Field Value
Extension Identifier rjehangir.cygnus
Extension Name Cygnus UT
Docker image rjehangir/blueos-cygnus-ut
Docker tag latest

The “Custom settings” should be set to

 "ExposedPorts": {
   "8000/tcp": {}
  "HostConfig": {
    "PortBindings": {
      "8000/tcp": [
          "HostPort": ""

Hi @EliotBR sorry for a very basic question here.

But the Cygnus probe connects over serial. I have a USB hub in a separate bottle to my Pi and Navigator, would I be able to connect the cygnus via a serial to in the USB hub bottle and use the BlueOS extension that @rjehangir is working on?

p.s. Great to see the founder of the company contributing to the coding. It demonstrates the passion is there :slight_smile:


Hi @XYZEng, yes, that should work just fine! The Cygnus extension is still only at like, 90% complete, so let me know if there are issues or if you need help installing it.