Customize Cast acrylic End Caps


I want to make some acrylic end caps for the 4-inch watertight cabinets,

I have your 12.7mm blank end caps in cast acrylic but the company tells me that it cannot make holes because it does not have a centering device. The solution it gives me is to cut a 10mm cap in cast acrylic and include the holes I need. . The truth is I only need it to go down to 50 meters so 10mm will be good but the reason I created this topic is this:

The company has told me that casting acrylic in the manufacturing process is very difficult for the thickness to be completely uniform. I have taken a caliper to measure your cast acrylic end caps and indeed the thickness can vary depending on where I measure it, the question is, if I look for a trustworthy casting acrylic supplier and cut the caps and holes With laser, can I have any problems??? Is there any recommendation you can give me before starting this process?

Thank you!!!